Your Car: If Your Car is Stolen

Below are written transcripts of our podcast interview with Officer Ron Reier, the Public Information Officer of the Minneapolis Police Department. To listen to these and other podcasts visit our blog.

Listen Here (Quicktime): What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen

Officer Ron Reier: Well, initially you need to call 9-1-1. And it’s a good idea to have a good description of your car, you know, “Mine’s a white, 4- door, 1999, whatever, whatever, whatever.”

And have your license plate number written down somewhere in your wallet, cause it’s amazing how many people do not know their license plate number. Well, we can track that and we can find that, but when you’re calling 9-1-1, the more information you have for us, the quicker we’re able to get it out.

In addition, if there’s some type of a characteristic on your car, “Oh, by the way it had a cracked rear window…there’s a large dent on the driver’s side rear door…one of the hub caps is missing…it’s got a loud exhaust.” Something like that helps us identify it because obviously we’re looking for a license plate, but if we see a white car with a dent in that rear corner panel or something, that’s gonna help us find it even quicker.

Updated: 5/2009