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SMART!!! Reporting an Accident
Hit and Run Accidents: What to Do
Medical Treatment After an Accident
Reporting Road Conditions

After a Disaster

Contacting Others After a Disaster or Trauma
Dial 211 for Community Help
Disaster Assistance Timeline
Disaster Relief: Financial Assistance Options
Emotional and Physical Stress After a Disaster
Federal Food Safety Guidelines
FEMA Centers
FEMA: Common Misconceptions about Disaster Aid
FEMA: Online Individual Assistance Centers
FEMA: Questions to Ask
FEMA: Types of Disaster Aid
Filing for Federal Disaster Relief
Helping Others Hit by Disaster
How Disasters Are Declared
How Social Workers Help Disaster Survivors
How the Red Cross Works
In the News: How to Get Disaster Information
In the News: Reporting on Disasters
Items You May Need After a Disaster
Tax Tips After a Disaster
Temporary Housing Data Sheet
Volunteering After a Disaster
Water Quality and Safety Precautions
Who Will Help You After a Disaster?

After a Disaster - Home

Cleaning Your Home After a Fire or Storm
Documenting Fire and Storm Damage
Hiring a Home Restoration Service
Home Repairs: Steps to Follow
How to Avoid Home Improvement Fraud
Moving Back Home After a Fire or Storm
Rebuilding and Renovating a Damaged Home
Replacing Valuable Documents
Safely Reentering an Evacuated Home
Securing a Damaged Home
Spotting and Documenting Storm Damange


Bicycle Maintenance
Bicycle Safety for Kids
Biking To Work
Choosing a Bicycle Helmet
Fast Tips for Smart Biking
On the Road: Top 6 Biking Tips
Picking the Best Biking Gear
Teaching Children How to Ride a Bike
Winter Biking Tips


Budgeting for Twins: What Parents Should Know
Choosing a Name for Your Baby
Choosing an Obstetric Healthcare Provider
Health Insurance Options for Pregnant Women
Newborn Screening Tests by State
Putting a Birth Announcement in the Newspaper
Types of Obstetric Healthcare Providers


12 Winter Driving Tips from the Experts
5 Common Winter Driving Mistakes
Getting Your Family Ready for Winter
Getting Your Home Ready for Winter
Hypothermia and Frostbite
Ice Dams: Prevention and Removal
Thawing Frozen Pipes
What Is a Blizzard?
What Is an Avalanche?
When a Winter Storm Watch or Warning Is Issued
Winter Weather Advisories and Warnings

Car Maintenance

Finding a Mechanic
Get Better Gas Mileage
Six Winter Car-Care Tips
What Auto Technicians Do

Car Safety

SMART! Kids and Car Safety
7 Tips: Prevent Drowsy Driving
Buying a Car
Create an Emergency Kit for Your Car
Driving in the Rain
Driving in the Winter
Five Safe Driving Tips
Improve Your Night-Driving Skills

Car Theft

Avoiding Vehicle Title-Washing Scams
Choosing an Anti-Theft Device for Your Car
How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car
How to Prevent Carjacking
Prevent Car Theft When You Travel
Top 14 Car Theft Prevention Tips

Child Care

Child Car-Seat Safety Guidelines
Choosing a Babysitter
Choosing a Nanny
Evaluating Your Child-care Provider
Finding Affordable Child Care
Recommended Adult-to-Child Child-care Ratios

College - Choosing One

Choosing a College: Questions to Ask
Did I Make the Right Choice?
Narrowing Your College Choices
Visiting a College: Questions to Ask

College Life

SMART! Surviving the End of the Semester
SMART! The College Roommate Experience
A Parent's Guide to College Send-offs
Apartment/Dorm Inventory Starter List
College Money Tips
Exploring Your College Town
How to Smartly Study Abroad
Surviving the First Month of College
Top 10 Tips for Living with Roommates

College Life - Safety

College Student's Emergency Information Sheet
Dorm Fire Safety Tips
Five Residence Hall Theft Prevention Tips
Wallet Theft in College


SMART! Cruising with Kids
Booking Your Cruise
Enjoying Your Cruise: Departure Day
Enjoying Your Cruise: While at Sea
Planning Your Cruise
What to Pack for a Cruise


10 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer
5 Steps to Prepare for Divorce
Common Family Law Terms


*SMART!*Just Laid Off - First Steps
Seven Tips for Surviving Job Loss


Forms for Life/Everything


SMART! Low-Cost Funeral Options
SMART! Preparing a Eulogy
Average Funeral Costs
Choosing a Casket
Choosing a Cemetery
Choosing a Funeral Home
Choosing Cremation
Choosing Organ/Body Donation
Common Estate and Inheritance Tax Terms
Dispersing Family Heirlooms
Planning a Funeral: Five Common Questions
Planning a Funeral: Memorial Funds
Planning a Funeral: Military Honors
Writing an Obituary

Get Prepared - Home

NEW! Create an Emergency Entertainment Kit!
SMART! Creating a Safe Room in Your Home
SMART! Your Home's Grab-and-Go Kit
Buying a Home Safe
Create a Home Emergency Exit Plan
Create a Home Inventory List
Days from Digital TV Transition
DIY at Home: Safety Smarts
DTV Transition: Three Options
Five Easy Home Emergency Preparedness Tips
Home Generator Safety
Home Inspection Tips
Home Office Organizing Tips
How to Display Your House Number
Make a Home Disaster Preparedness Kit
Mobile Homes: Disaster Preparedness Tips
Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster
Renter's Rights: Storm, Fire, or Theft
Sample Home Inventory Lists: Helpful Reminders
Using an NOAA Weather Radio
What to Do If the Power Fails

Get Prepared - You

SMART! Create a Work Evacuation Kit
Cell Phones: In Case of Emergency (ICE)
Cell Phones: Know Your Serial Number
Create Emergency Information Cards
Emergency Assistance for People with Special Needs
Emergency Text Messaging
Reporting Defective Consumer Products


NEW! Visiting the Hospital: Dos and Don'ts
SMART! Creating a Family Medical History
At the Doctor's Office: Four Expert Tips
Choosing a Pharmacy
Choosing a Primary Care Doctor
Finding the Right Hospital
Five Medical Questions and Answers You Should Know
How to Describe Your Symptoms
Key Medical Terms: Doctors and Disciplines
Medical History and Vaccinations Data Sheet
Nine Things to Expect at the ER
Preparing for a Hospital Stay: Seven Expert Tips
Using Online Pharmacies
Volunteering at a Hospital
What Do Geriatric Social Workers Do?
What Is a Patient Advocate?
What You Need to Know About Your Medications
Winter Back Safety
Your Health: Getting a Second Opinion
Your Medical Records Are Going Hi-Tech


Fire Safety for Winter Holidays
Fire Safety: Holiday Decor
Halloween Costume Safety Tips
Halloween: Reminders for Adults
Halloween: Trick-or-Treat and Home Safety Tips

Home Fire

After a Fire: Common Homeowner Mistakes
After a Fire: Questions You May Be Asked
Apartment Fires: What You Should Know
Fire Safety Questions and Answers You Should Know
What Firefighters Do
Wildfires: What Homeowners Need to Know

Home Fire Safety

SMART! 6 BBQ Safety Tips
SMART! Using a Fire Extinguisher
Backyard Fire Safety Tips
Campfire Safety 101
Emergency Window Decals: Why NOT to Use Them
Five-Minute Fire Prevention Tips
Four Fast Facts About Fire
Home Safety After a Fire or Storm
Kids and Fire Safety
Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Smoke Alarm Safety Guidelines
Testing Electrical Outlets
Top 10 Cooking Safety Tips - Prevent Kitchen Fires

ID Theft

10 Tax Time Identity Safety Tips
Corporate Identity Theft: A True Story
Detecting Identity Theft
Five ATM Safety Tips
Identity Theft: Four Fast Tips
Preventing Medical Identity Theft
Protecting Your Identity Online


NEW! Top Homeowner's Insurance Myths
SMART! Insurance Riders: Do I Need One?
SMART! Life Insurance and Healthcare Costs
After an Accident: Insurance Claims
Am I Covered?: Car Insurance Questions
Am I Covered?: Home Insurance Questions
Am I Covered?: Life Insurance Questions
Appealing an Insurance Settlement
Car Accident Coverage: Questions for Your Agent
Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary
Estimating Your Home's Value
Filing an Insurance Claim
If You Have No Insurance
Key Insurance Terms: Determining Value
Motorcycle Insurance
Pet Insurance
Property Damage: Questions for Your Agent
Property Damage: What to Expect from Your Agent
Reviewing and Updating Your Homeowner's Insurance
What's Your Insurance Score?
Working with a Claims Adjuster


SMART! Low-Cost Wedding Tips
SMART! Preventing Wedding Disasters
After the Wedding: Changing Your Name
Bride's FREE Wedding Day Emergency List
Getting Insurance as a Couple
Groom's FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit List
Marriage as a Legal Agreement
Wedding Insurance: FAQs
What Every Wedding Guest Should Know


Choosing a Motorcycle
Choosing and Using a Motorcycle Helmet
Driving a Motorcycle: Expert Safety Tips
Motorcycle Maintenance
Share the Road: Start Seeing Motorcycles

Natural Disaster - Flood

Flash Flooding: Preparation and Survival
Flood Watches and Warnings
Mudslides: Preparation and Survival
Protection Against Mosquitoes
Purchasing Flood Insurance
When a Flood Watch or Warning Is Issued

Natural Disaster - Hurricane

SMART! Hurricane Hazards
Hurricane Category Definitions
Hurricane Watches and Warnings
Hurricanes and Tornadoes: What Is the Difference?
Top Ten Hurricane Preparedness Articles
Top Ten Post-Hurricane Articles
Tropical Storm Names for 2009
When a Hurricane Watch or Warning Is Issued

Natural Disaster - Thunderstorm

Struck by Lightning: What to Do
What Is a Thunderstorm?
When a Severe Storm Watch or Warning Is Issued

Natural Disaster - Tornado

Storm Chasing 101
Things You Might Not Know About Tornadoes
Top Ten Tornado Preparedness Articles
What Is a Tornado?
When a Tornado Watch or Warning Is Issued

Pet Care

NEW! Managing Your Pet's Separation Anxiety
Adopting a Pet
Choosing a Kennel or Pet Daycare Facility
Choosing a Pet Groomer
Choosing a Pet Trainer
Choosing a Vet
Pet Safety: Your Car
Pet-Proof Your Home

Pet Travel

Choosing and Preparing a Pet Crate
Creating a Pet Travel Kit
Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels
Traveling by Air with Pets
Traveling by Car with Pets

Pets - Lost and Found

Help! My Pet's Missing!
If You Find a Lost Pet

Pets and Preparedness

Create a Pet Emergency Kit
Farm Animals and Natural Disasters
Pets and Disaster Preparedness
Wild Animals and Natural Disasters


Childcare: Red Cross Babysitter Training Program
Fire and Natural Disasters: Water Damage
Fire: Cleaning Up Water, Smoke and Soot Damage
Natural Disasters: Community Emergency Teams (1)
Natural Disasters: Community Emergency Teams (2)
Theft: How to Describe a Suspect
Your Car: How to Deter Auto Theft
Your Car: If Your Car Is Stolen
Your Car: What to Do After an Accident
Your Health: Preparing for a Hospital Stay
Your Health: Using an AED

Real Life

NEW! Wedding Stories: A Planner's Nightmare
NEW! Wedding Stories: One Bride's Disaster
Fires: Bob Worsley's Wildfire Story
Fires: How I Recovered After a Wildfire
Fires: How I Survived a Wildfire
Home Inspection: A Realtor's Perspective
Hurricanes: Dean Trevelino's Story
Hurricanes: Lessons from Katrina
I Survived a Motorcycle Accident: True Stories
Identity Theft: A Real-Life Story
My Home Was Burgled: A Real-Life Story
Storm Chasing: A Real-Life Story
The Caregiving Experience: John's Story
The Volunteering Experience
Wedding Stories: The 7/7/07 Bride

Senior Living

Seniors Living Safely and Independently
*SMART* Finding a Geriatric Caregiver
SMART! Choosing an Adult Day Service
SMART! Long-Distance Caregiving Tips
SMART! Seniors and Disaster Preparedness


NEW! Tales of a Jewel Thief
After a Burglary: Questions the Police May Ask
After a Theft: Quick Tips from Police Officers
Buying a Home Security System
Key Legal Terms: Burglary vs. Robbery
Safe Wallet, Safe Purse: Tips for Shopping Safely
Top 12 Burglary Prevention Tips

Tornado - After

Top 10: Help After A Tornado


NEW! Low-Cost Travel Tips
UPDATED! Getting a Passport
UPDATED! Passports: Mexico and Canada
11 Tips for Spring Break Safety
Coming Home: Post-Vacation Tips
Helpful Tips for Hotel Stays
If You Are in a Rental Car Accident
Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel
Preventing Car Theft: Tips for Travelers
Renting a Car
Summer Travel Safety Tips
Tips for Traveling With Kids
Top 10 Summer Travel Tips
Top 10 Travel Planning Tips
Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know
Voluntourism: Travel that Makes a Difference
Your Last-Minute Travel Checklist

Travel - Airlines

SMART! Carry-On Luggage: Make It All Fit!
SMART! Meeting Passengers at the Airport
SMART! Top 10 Flying Dos and Don'ts
SMART Carry-On Luggage: What's Allowed
UPDATED! Commercial Airline Contact Numbers
An Insider's Guide to Airport Security
Dealing with Jet Lag
Rudy Maxa’s Top Airport Travel Tips


SMART! Car Break-In: Part 2 (2:23)
SMART! Car Break-In: Part 1 (2:15)
SMART! Great Wedding Tips! (1:30)
Home Fire Escape Practice! (1:39)
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (1:39)
Types of Fire Extinguishers (1:48)

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