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Here are articles with advice from experts and professionals as well as people who travel by car a lot - and those who don't do road trips too often.


SMART!!! Reporting an Accident
Hit and Run Accidents: What to Do


12 Winter Driving Tips from the Experts
5 Common Winter Driving Mistakes

Car Maintenance

Get Better Gas Mileage
Six Winter Car-Care Tips

Car Safety

SMART! Kids and Car Safety
7 Tips: Prevent Drowsy Driving
Create an Emergency Kit for Your Car
Driving in the Rain
Driving in the Winter
Five Safe Driving Tips
Improve Your Night-Driving Skills

Car Theft

Choosing an Anti-Theft Device for Your Car
How to Prevent Carjacking
Prevent Car Theft When You Travel
Top 14 Car Theft Prevention Tips


Car Travel
Forms for Life/Everything

Get Prepared - Home

NEW! Create an Emergency Entertainment Kit!

Get Prepared - You

Cell Phones: In Case of Emergency (ICE)
Create Emergency Information Cards

Pet Care

Pet Safety: Your Car

Pet Travel

Choosing and Preparing a Pet Crate
Creating a Pet Travel Kit
Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels
Traveling by Car with Pets


Your Car: If Your Car Is Stolen


NEW! Low-Cost Travel Tips
UPDATED! Getting a Passport
UPDATED! Passports: Mexico and Canada
11 Tips for Spring Break Safety
Coming Home: Post-Vacation Tips
Helpful Tips for Hotel Stays
If You Are in a Rental Car Accident
Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel
Preventing Car Theft: Tips for Travelers
Renting a Car
Summer Travel Safety Tips
Tips for Traveling With Kids
Top 10 Summer Travel Tips
Top 10 Travel Planning Tips
Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know
Voluntourism: Travel that Makes a Difference
Your Last-Minute Travel Checklist

Travel - Airlines

SMART! Carry-On Luggage: Make It All Fit!


SMART! Car Break-In: Part 2 (2:23)
SMART! Car Break-In: Part 1 (2:15)


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