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Here are over 50 articles with info from experts, professionals and people who've experienced home or apartment fires.

Articles range from 'Moving Back Home' and 'Items You May Need' to 'Renter Rights' and 'Rebuilding and Renovating'.

After a Disaster

Contacting Others After a Disaster or Trauma
Dial 211 for Community Help
Emotional and Physical Stress After a Disaster
Federal Food Safety Guidelines
FEMA: Types of Disaster Aid
Filing for Federal Disaster Relief
Helping Others Hit by Disaster
How Social Workers Help Disaster Survivors
How the Red Cross Works
In the News: Reporting on Disasters
Items You May Need After a Disaster
Tax Tips After a Disaster
Temporary Housing Data Sheet
Volunteering After a Disaster
Who Will Help You After a Disaster?

After a Disaster - Home

Cleaning Your Home After a Fire or Storm
Documenting Fire and Storm Damage
Hiring a Home Restoration Service
Home Repairs: Steps to Follow
How to Avoid Home Improvement Fraud
Moving Back Home After a Fire or Storm
Rebuilding and Renovating a Damaged Home
Replacing Valuable Documents
Safely Reentering an Evacuated Home
Securing a Damaged Home

College Life

Apartment/Dorm Inventory Starter List

College Life - Safety

Dorm Fire Safety Tips


Forms for Life/Everything
Home Fire

Get Prepared - Home

NEW! Create an Emergency Entertainment Kit!
SMART! Your Home's Grab-and-Go Kit
Buying a Home Safe
Create a Home Emergency Exit Plan
Create a Home Inventory List
DIY at Home: Safety Smarts
Five Easy Home Emergency Preparedness Tips
Home Inspection Tips
How to Display Your House Number
Make a Home Disaster Preparedness Kit
Renter's Rights: Storm, Fire, or Theft
Sample Home Inventory Lists: Helpful Reminders

Get Prepared - You

Cell Phones: In Case of Emergency (ICE)
Create Emergency Information Cards
Emergency Text Messaging
Reporting Defective Consumer Products


Fire Safety for Winter Holidays
Fire Safety: Holiday Decor

Home Fire

After a Fire: Common Homeowner Mistakes
After a Fire: Questions You May Be Asked
Apartment Fires: What You Should Know
Fire Safety Questions and Answers You Should Know
What Firefighters Do
Wildfires: What Homeowners Need to Know

Home Fire Safety

SMART! 6 BBQ Safety Tips
SMART! Using a Fire Extinguisher
Backyard Fire Safety Tips
Campfire Safety 101
Emergency Window Decals: Why NOT to Use Them
Five-Minute Fire Prevention Tips
Four Fast Facts About Fire
Home Safety After a Fire or Storm
Kids and Fire Safety
Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Smoke Alarm Safety Guidelines
Testing Electrical Outlets
Top 10 Cooking Safety Tips - Prevent Kitchen Fires


NEW! Top Homeowner's Insurance Myths
SMART! Insurance Riders: Do I Need One?
Am I Covered?: Home Insurance Questions
Appealing an Insurance Settlement
Estimating Your Home's Value
Filing an Insurance Claim
If You Have No Insurance
Key Insurance Terms: Determining Value
Property Damage: Questions for Your Agent
Property Damage: What to Expect from Your Agent
What's Your Insurance Score?
Working with a Claims Adjuster

Pets and Preparedness

Pets and Disaster Preparedness


Fire and Natural Disasters: Water Damage
Fire: Cleaning Up Water, Smoke and Soot Damage

Real Life

Fires: Bob Worsley's Wildfire Story
Fires: How I Recovered After a Wildfire
Fires: How I Survived a Wildfire
Home Inspection: A Realtor's Perspective
The Volunteering Experience


Home Fire Escape Practice! (1:39)
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (1:39)
Types of Fire Extinguishers (1:48)


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Home Fire

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