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  • I Survived A Motorcycle Accident: True Stories

    We always hope it’ll never happen to us but accidents can and do happen. Here are three stories from motorcycle accident survivors. Real Life Story: Ken Weissblum, New York Scooter Club Member WHN: You were in a scooter accident. Tell us what happened. Ken: It happened two summers ago and it was a freak sort of thing. I was […]

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  • Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

    Getting ready to hit the road on your new bike? Follow these tips to make your riding experience safe for you and others on the road! Safety First Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) safety course. The program is about 15 hours and offers classroom and actual motorcycle operator training in a controlled, off-street environment. […]

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  • What To Do After an Accident

    WHN TIP – Be Prepared: Keep a copy of both of the following in your glove compartment just in case: Car Accident-No Other Driver Involved and Car Accident-Another Driver Involved. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Stop your vehicle if it is clear, safe and legal and turn off the ignition. Determine your location, if you can. You’ll […]

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  • After the Accident: Insurance Claims

    WHN TIP – Accident File: When you get home, make an “accident file”. This will include all of your notes, contact information, messages and other pertinent information. This can be an envelope, file folder, binder – whatever works best for you. At home, write down exactly what happened. Include all of the information you and witnesses […]

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  • Reporting an Accident

    If you are reporting an accident or emergency by cell phone: Be sure you are safe. If you are driving, pull over to a safe spot, turn on your hazard lights (flashers) and stop before calling for help. Be watchful of the potential for additional accidents caused by the first accident. Stay out of the […]

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  • 5 Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

    We asked motorcyclists to share their five tips for sharing the road with motorcycles. Let’s all do our part to share the road and get along. Tip 1: Allow them the right to the road. “We have the same rights to space on the road as drivers,” says Ron Arieli, president and owner of T.E.A.M. Arizona Motorcyclist […]

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  • 3 Steps for Motorcycle Maintenance

    Keep your motorcycle or scooter up to date on repairs – just like you would with your car. Talk with your mechanic to get maintenance tips specifically for your brand, make and model of your scooter or motorcycle and about any questions you may have. Step 1: Maintenance Check Before each and every ride, do […]

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  • Riding a Motorcycle: 7 Expert Safety Tips

    Be safe and be smart with these top tips from your fellow motorcyclists and safety experts. Practice! Practice! Practice! Brush up on your safety drills and skills learned in your safety course. Practice emergency braking and swerving.“Practice in empty parking lots and quiet side streets until you are very comfortable before going out in traffic,” […]

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  • 6 Tips for Choosing and Using a Motorcycle Helmet

    Not only is wearing a helmet simply a smart thing to do, in many states, it’s the law. It’s the Law In some states, you may be required by law to wear a helmet. 20 states (AL, CA, GA, LA, MD, MA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OR, TN, VT, VA, WA, WV) […]

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  • 6 Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle

    Choosing the right bike can make all the difference in being safe and having a great time out there on the road. Here’s the best advice from motorcyclists, mechanics and safety experts on choosing the right bike for you. WHN EXPERT TIP – Talk Insurance: Check your insurance rates on a bike before you buy it. […]

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