Bicycle Accidents

    Riding a bike is great exercise — as long as you know the rules, take precautions and keep your bicycle in top operating order.


    Our articles provide the information you need to ride safely. And, if you do run into a problem, our GET HELP section tells you what to do next.


    WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!


  • Car Accident Resources

    If you’ve been in an accident, these resources can provide you with information and guidance as you deal with the insurance and legal ramifications. Car Care Council The Car Care Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating motorists about the importance of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair through its “Be Car Care Aware” […]

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  • In a Bicycle Accident? Here’s What to Do

    Immediately Be safe, be smart. Stop as soon as it is clear, safe and legal to do so. If you’re uninjured, check on others. Call 9-1-1. Include the exact location (look at street signs, landmarks) and mention any injuries. No cell phone? Ask a witness to make the call. Get their contact information in case […]

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  • Selecting the Right Bike

    Selecting the right bicycle is the first step to having fun and preventing accidents. A bike that is the right size for you should have about 3 cm (1.2 inches) space between the crossbar of the frame and yourself, when you are standing with both feet on the ground – a bit more for BMX […]

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  • Reporting an Accident

    If you are reporting an accident or emergency by cell phone: Be sure you are safe. If you are driving, pull over to a safe spot, turn on your hazard lights (flashers) and stop before calling for help. Be watchful of the potential for additional accidents caused by the first accident. Stay out of the […]

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  • 4 Steps to Do After a Vehicle Accident

    WHN TIP – Create An “Accident File”: Make an “accident file” for all of your notes, contact information, messages and other pertinent information. This can be an envelope, file folder, binder or online — whatever works best for you. WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for more tips on what to do […]

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  • 3 Tips for Reporting Defective Consumer Products

    Vehicle or product not working right? Food items that seem “off” or might have been the cause of your or someone else’s illness? Here’s what to do! Start by contacting the appropriate agency (see links below). Each has a specific form and information required for reporting problems. Keep as much of the product packaging as possible, […]

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  • 6 Winter Biking Tips

    Brave enough to venture out in the cold, slush, sleet and snow? Be safe, be smart!! Follow these basic winter biking tips. Choose Aluminum Rims When wet, brake pads grip aluminum rims better than they do steel. Pick Fat Tires Fat tires have better traction. Tires less than 1 1/4″ wide work better on wet streets when under-inflated. […]

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  • On the Road: Top 6 Biking Tips

    Biking through traffic can be quite a thrill! Be safe, be smart with these top 6 tips from cyclists and cycling educators: Know that motorists aren’t looking for you.  Create a “buffer zone.” “Give yourself a buffer zone, especially if there are cars on the right side,” David Bernstein, cyclist, producer and host of The Fred […]

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  • 8 Fast Tips for Smart Biking

    WHN TIP – Register your investment: Bikes are stolen every day. Protect your investment with these bike registration tips! Choose a bike that fits the rider and the type of surface it’s going to be used on (off-road or pavement). Add safety-oriented accessories like headlights or reflectors that can add an extra margin of security. […]

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  • 4 Points to Consider When Choosing a Bicycle Helmet

    A list of helmet safety tips from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. Safety Standards A sticker inside of a bike helmet describes the safety standard it meets. Helmets made after 1999 for U.S. sale must meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard, so look for a CPSC sticker. The International American Society for Testing […]

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